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Aldo Baylon, Psy.D.

CA PSY299904

I am a bilingual/bicultural licensed clinical psychologist with over a decade of clinical experience providing psychological services in both English and Spanish to adults and adolescents from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, ages, religions, gender, and sexual orientations. My clinical background comes from serving clients within in-patient, outpatient, residential and college counseling settings. I have experience working with a range of psychological concerns including anxiety, depression, poor academic performance, low self-esteem, grief and loss, relationship/family concerns, personal and emotional growth, as well as cultural related challenges. I also have experience working with athletes, providing them with performance enhancing consultations to help them improve their motivation, focus and overall athletic performance.

I approach psychotherapy as a collaborative process. I work together with the client to identify and address the specific areas of concern. My goal is to facilitate a safe non-judgmental environment in which the client can openly explore and process their issues and subsequently better understand and overcome their difficulties. I provide the client with coping skills and resources to help them function effectively in everyday life, such as strategies to identify and confront negative thoughts and feelings, as well as breathing and other relaxation strategies.  It has been my experience that when clients effectively integrate these approaches, they gain a greater sense of self-efficacy and self-reliance.

I can be reached at (619) 307-9346 or abaylonpsyd@gmail.com